Indoor Arena


Indoor Arena

Our wax fibre surface will give you the closest equivalent to turf – ideal for training and competing all year round.

It provides a safe and consistent surface in all conditions and a wide range of temperatures.

Arenas are available to hire, Monday – Friday between 10am -3pm.

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Indoor Arena

Outdoor Arena

Our top quality outdoor arena is set in beautiful farmland and has mirrors to aid training.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor arenas, we offer a complete range of facilities for schooling, dressage and top horsemanship:

  • 1 mile cross country course with 16 jumps at novice height
  • post and rail exercise pens
  • horse walker
  • hacking through the farmland and we are located at the crossroads of several bridleways.
  • show jumps are supplied

Our arenas can be hired Monday – Friday between 10 – 3pm only.

Why not come and visit – we’ll be happy to show you around.


Indoor Arena